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8 Best Water Parks in the UK

Even though the weather in the UK is quite cool and cloudy, the people here still love their water parks. The country is home to some amazing water parks packed with thrilling slides and rides. So, if you are going to the UK, make sure to pack your swimming goggles and trunks because here are the 8 best waterparks in the UK that you should check out. 

Liquid Leisure, Windsor

Now, this is a water park that you’d get a UK visa to experience. Built on a private lake, Liquid Leisure is a place where you can challenge your friends at the water park’s obstacle courses that will make you feel like you are in a televised game show. The Ninja Warrior UK and Aqua Jungle are where you can have fun with obstacles. If these aren’t enough, there’s more at the Main Aqua Park. For more adventures, you can also try water skiing, wakeboarding, and knee-boarding. This is a place for unlimited fun. 

Splashdown Poole, Dorset

If crazy slides excite you, this is the place to be. Splashdown Poole offers 13 different slides that each offer a unique, exciting experience. From reaching crazy speeds to having direct drops, these slides will have you screaming in excitement. The absolute must slides here are Baron’s Revenge, Velocity, and Screamer. Splashdown Poole closes during the winter for maintenance, but it is packed for the rest of the year. 

Alton Towers Waterpark, Stoke-on-Trent

The Alton Towers Waterpark is one of the best indoor water parks in the country. Though most of the park is indoors, in the summer months, an outdoor section is also opened up. Alton Towers Waterpark feels like a Caribbean vacation thanks to the beach theme. Inside, the must-ride slide is the Master Blaster Ride. For the kids, there’s Wacky Waterworks where they can have some crazy fun with water cannons. When the outdoor section is open, make sure to check out Flash Floods and catch a flume ride. Alton Towers Waterpark has a lot to offer, especially if you are visiting with family. 

Sandcastle Waterpark, Blackpool 

The biggest indoor water park is also one of the best water parks in the country. Sandcastle Waterpark has more than 18 slides, rides, and experiences that have something for everyone. The little ones can have fun on the water play structure and even enjoy the wave pool. For the adventurous guests, there’s the exciting Sidewinder, and the largest waterslide & rollercoaster combo, Master Blaster. Also, don’t miss the Thunder Fall Water Slides which are the highlight of Sandcastle Waterpark.

Let’s Go Hydro, Belfast 

As the name suggests, this place is all about water. Right from the floating cinema to the inflated playground, everything is atop Knockbracken Reservoir. In the playground, there are 7-foot-tall slides, trampolines, and inflated bouncy playground equipment that will drop into the cool water below. Here, you can also indulge in kayaking and wakeboarding. And if you still can get enough of Let’s Go Hydro, you can stay here overnight in tents and barbecue your favourite foods. So, bring friends and family and make this whole place into an event. 

Waterworld, Stoke-on-Trent

With slides with ominous names like Space Bowl, Python, and Black Hole, Waterworld in Stoke-on-Trent has everything you would want in a water park. Other than the mentioned crazy slides, there are other crazy slides as well that are just as exciting. The wave pool and the rapids are also quite exciting and are always packed with excitable guests. And for those looking to unwind, there’s a lazy river where you can lie back on the water and meander around. 

Alpamare, Scarborough

Imagine a fun trip to the waterpark that also turns into a leisurely spa trip. Well. you don’t have to imagine it anymore because that’s what Alpamare in Scarborough does. Advertised as a “water park like no other water park”, the Alpamare does the usual fare of slides, rides, a wave pool, and a giant swimming pool, but this is complemented with iodine water heated infinity pool. This will put you in the mood for the in-house spa where you can avail yourself treatments like massage, hammam baths, and sauna. Alpamare is a place built to truly relax you.   

Time Capsule Waterpark, Glasgow

Just like its name, the Time Capsule Waterpark delivers some unusual but enjoyable experiences that make it one of the best waterparks in the UK. Race with your buddy at the twin slides Thunder & Lightning and see who is light and quick enough to be shot out first. The Tornado Tantrum slide is designed for everyone, literally. This slide is so huge that you and four more from your group can slide together and splash into the pool down below. Time Capsule Waterpark is a great place worth checking out. 

So, the next time you have your UK tourist visa in hand, make sure you plan for these water parks as well. Each is unique and will make your UK vacation even more enjoyable and memorable. 

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