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Best Laptops for Acing Your Exams

A laptop is an essential tool for many individuals. Despite the resurgence of in-person courses and lectures, this is especially true if you are in full-time study. A laptop can do it all, whether you’re writing an essay, prepping for an exam, or communicating with professors and classmates. However, the abundance of options available makes deciding on a gadget challenging. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that will suit every student; what someone needs from a laptop is heavily dependent on what they are studying and how they want to spend their leisure time.

Huawei MateBook 14s

Huawei has long been known as a mobile manufacturer but its laptop lineup is a secret trick up its sleeve. The MateBook offers a healthy balance between price and performance to keep your class notes going along with a steady supply of battery. There’s an 11th generation Intel chip embedded into the machine which helps it power through your day with the latest and greatest. On the display side, you get a snazzy 14-inch screen with superb pixel density. Resulting in snappy refresh rates of up to 90 kHz and a cinema experience that is a pleasure to watch every time. Huawei has generously thrown in plenty of ports too with a full-sized HDMI and SD card which offers lots of functionality. Leave it to the MateBook to ensure you get your degree over and done with in style.

Apple MacBook Air

The switch to Apple’s M1 processor is undoubtedly the largest update for the MacBook Air since its debut, and it does not disappoint. The Air provides genuinely remarkable performance in a tiny and light design, and the M1 processor greatly improves battery life over the Intel version. Equipped with the highest Wi-Fi speeds capable, having speeds like those offered by Centurylink Wi-Fi will ensure you get the best bang for your buck.  Because of the virtually same design, much about the new MacBook Air will be recognizable if you’ve used a prior model, however, the recently announced Magic Keyboard is a significant improvement over the earlier butterfly-style keys. It’s also easy to overlook the value added by Apple by integrating a rather full suite of programs to sweeten the pot. Apple likes to show off and it makes no exception in this case.

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360

You’d be surprised at the physical features of this absolute powerhouse. Not only does it come in a sleek, beautiful design, but the performance is nothing short of stellar as well. Samsung has been striving to update and expand its ecosystem with new designs, watches, monitors, and the Galaxy Book lineup. This laptop in particular comes with a tablet mode due to its rotational 360 feature. The pen is also a tweaked-out Samsung galaxy pen that is comfortable to hold and a delight to use. The width of the laptop is equal to that of their current flagship phone; the S22 Ultra. We’re completely bamboozled by how the company engineered so many features into something so slim and portable. The screen is the signature AMOLED and there is seamless integration between Samsung devices. If you’re well embedded into the Samsung ecosystem then this device won’t let you down. The price tag remains reasonably generous by dipping below just 1000 dollars.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2

The Surface Laptop Go is intended for students, and the second iteration is an appealing small alternative. At this lower price range, Microsoft’s premium Surface Laptop design is kept, with tiny bezels providing the appearance of a much higher-end gadget. The 12.4-inch touchscreen’s resolution is lower than that of many laptops, yet it doesn’t seem like a sacrifice once you start using it. The performance of the 11th-generation Intel Core i5 CPU is excellent, however, you’ll probably want to pay a little extra to obtain 8GB of RAM. Aside from that, the Laptop Go 2’s keyboard is one of the nicest you’ll find anywhere. Its thin and light design makes it extremely portable. We’d put extra emphasis on the keyboard because it’s an absolute pleasure to type on because of the clickety keys that become an addiction if you’re into work that requires lots of typing. Microsoft didn’t hold back in the pricing department too because this machine is well over 1000 dollars and you’ll probably have to think twice. Productivity, though, might just rope you in to get this premium device.

Huawei MateBook E

The MateBook E was designed for productivity and mobility, making it an excellent choice for students. It’s light enough to put into a bag and carry to lectures, weighing only 790 grams, and case-free. However, the inclusion of the Smart Magnetic keyboard in the price makes the gadget a legitimate laptop replacement. The 12.6-inch OLED display is a big standout, and the gadget is well-rounded thanks to decent speakers and excellent cameras. Web browsing, word processing, and multitasking all perform admirably. However, the battery life is disappointing, so you won’t want to be away from a charger for long. The fingerprint scanner is also subpar, and anything more than a single USB-C device requires an adaptor. In the holistic picture though, this device could carry you through your college work by taking the grunt of your laptop tasks. Provided you can keep it charged.


There are lots of laptops being spewed out by small and big companies every month. Each of them is equipped with unique features and its ups and downs. Students must demand that their choice provides them with battery life enough to get through the day and our narrowed-down options do that and more. The above models also are put up on sale so it would not hurt to check out BestBuy or the likes before buying just in case you can get it for even cheaper.

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