Duchess of Aosta

The Duchess of Aosta is the wife of the Duke of Aosta, a title created by Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor in the 13th century. The Duchy of Aosta had already been ruled by the House of Savoy for some time; it is a corner of the Italian Alps now bordering France and Switzerland, essentially the same as the Aosta Valley. The title of duke tended to be given to the second son of the ruler, reverting to the head of the house, until Amadeo I of Spain (1845 – 1890), the first and only King of Spain from the House of Savoy. He was the second son of King Vittorio Emanuele II of Italy and was known for most of his life as the Duke of Aosta. He was elected by the Spanish parliament (the Cortes) as King of Spain in 1870, but abdicated in 1873. He created a new Aosta branch of the House of Savoy, which retains the title, although it is not legally recognised.

The duchesses have in recent centuries been royal or princely. In 2021 the duchess was Princess Olga of Greece, younger daughter of Prince Michael of Greece and Denmark.[1]

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Duchess Ceased to be Duchess Death Spouse
Maria Theresa of Austria-Este Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Este
1 November 1773 21 April 1789 4 June 1802
became Queen of Sardinia
29 March 1832 Vittorio Emanuele
Maria Vittoria dal Pozzo della Cisterna Charles Emmanuel dal Pozzo della Cisterna
(dal Pozzo della Cisterna)
9 August 1847 30 May 1863 8 November 1876 Amedeo I
Maria Letizia Bonaparte Prince Napoléon Bonaparte
20 November 1866 11 September 1888 18 January 1890
husband's death
25 October 1926
Hélène of Orléans Philippe, Count of Paris
13 June 1871 25 June 1895 4 July 1931
husband's death
21 January 1951 Emanuele Filiberto
Anne of Orléans Jean, Duke of Guise
5 August 1906 5 November 1927 4 July 1931
husband's accession
3 March 1942
husband's death
19 March 1986 Amedeo
Irene of Greece and Denmark Constantine I of Greece
13 February 1904 1 July 1939 3 March 1942
husband's accession
29 January 1948
husband's death
15 April 1974 Aimone
Claude of Orléans Henri, Count of Paris
11 December 1943 22 July 1964 8 January 1987
marriage annulled
living Amedeo
Silvia Paternò di Spedalotto Vincenzo Paternò di Spedalotto, 6th Marchese di Regiovanni
(Paternò di Spedalotto)
31 December 1953 30 March 1987 1 June 2021
husband's death
Olga of Greece Prince Michael of Greece and Denmark
17 November 1971 27 September 2008 1 June 2021
husband's accession
living living Aimone


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