Frederick II, Count of Vaudémont

Frederick II, Count of Vaudémont
Frederick II, Count of Vaudémont
Bornc. 1428
Died31 August 1470(1470-08-31) (aged 41–42)
Noble familyHouse of Lorraine
(m. 1445)
FatherAntoine, Count of Vaudémont
MotherMarie, Countess of Harcourt

Frederick (Ferry) II of Lorraine-Vaudémont (c. 1428 – 31 August 1470) was a French nobleman. He was Count of Vaudémont and Lord of Joinville from 1458 to 1470. He is sometimes numbered Frederick V by continuity with the Dukes of Lorraine.


Frederick was born c. 1428 as the son of Antoine of Lorraine, Count of Vaudémont and Lord of Joinville, and Marie of Harcourt, Countess of Harcourt and Aumale, as well as Baroness of Elbeuf.[1]

In 1445, he married his cousin Yolande of Anjou (1428–1483),[2] daughter of René I of Anjou, (King of Naples, Duke of Anjou, of Bar and of Lorraine, Count of Provence), and of Isabelle, Duchess of Lorraine. This marriage put an end to the litigation which existed between the fathers of the bride and groom, in connection with the succession of the Duchy of Lorraine. They had six children:

In 1453 his father-in-law honoured him with the command of the troops that he sent to the Dauphin Louis to help him to fight the Duke of Savoy.

In 1456 René entrusted the government of the Duchy of Bar to Frederick, and in 1459 granted him the honorary title of Lieutenant-General of Sicily.

Frederick died in Joinville on August 31, 1470.


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Frederick II, Count of Vaudémont
Born: c. 1428 Died: 31 August 1470
Titles of nobility
Preceded by Count of Vaudémont
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