Matteo II Visconti

Matteo II Visconti
Lord of Milan, Lodi, Piacenza, Parma and Bologna
Matteo II Visconti
Coat of arms
Reign1349 - 1355
SuccessorBernabò and Galeazzo II
Bornc. 1319
Died29 September 1355
Noble familyVisconti
Spouse(s)Egidiola di Filippino of Gonzaga
FatherStefano Visconti
MotherValentina Doria

Matteo II Visconti (c. 1319 – Saronno, 29 September 1355) was co-ruler of Milan together with his brothers Galeazzo II and Bernabò.


He was the eldest son of Stefano Visconti and Valentina Doria. In 1342 he married Egidiola di Filippino of Gonzaga.

His uncle Luchino Visconti exiled him to Montferrat in 1346, but in 1350 returned to Milan. As co-ruler of the domain after the death of his uncle Giovanni Visconti (1354), Matteo was given Lodi, Piacenza, Parma and Bologna.

He died after a dinner in which, according to his mother and others, he had been poisoned by his brothers. His daughter Caterina was married to Ugolino Gonzaga of Mantua.



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Preceded by Lord of Milan
With: Bernabò Visconti
and Galeazzo II Visconti
Succeeded by