Wolf (name)

Wolf is a given name and a surname. It is common among Germanic-speaking peoples, alongside variants such as Wulf. Names which translate to English "wolf" are also common among other nations, including many Native American peoples within the current or former extent of the habitat of the grey wolf (essentially all of North America).

Geographical distribution[edit]

As of 2014, 53.2% of all known bearers of the surname Wolf were residents of Germany (frequency 1:413), 27.4% of the United States (1:3,608), 3.9% of Austria (1:596), 2.5% of Brazil (1:21,995), 1.4% of Switzerland (1:1,622), 1.2% of the Netherlands (1:3,735) and 1.0% of France (1:17,534).

In Germany, the frequency of the surname was higher than national average (1:413) in the following states:[1]

  1. Saxony (1:214)
  2. Rhineland-Palatinate (1:292)
  3. Hesse (1:297)
  4. Thuringia (1:297)
  5. Bavaria (1:337)
  6. Brandenburg (1:365)
  7. Baden-Württemberg (1:368)
  8. Saxony-Anhalt (1:394)

Given name[edit]


Nickname or stage name[edit]

  • Enzo Coloni, Italian race car driver and founder of the Scuderia Coloni racing team, nicknamed "the wolf"
  • Adolf Hitler (1889–1945) self-adopted the nickname "Wolf"
  • Gustav Wagner (1911–1980), Austrian SS officer at Sobibór extermination camp
  • Michael Van Wijk, known by the pseudonym Wolf on the television series Gladiators

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