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Furnishing your first-time home to your unique style with minimum outlay

It’s likely that when you move into your first home, you’ll be somewhat short on furnishing funds. Although many of your friends and family members may have helped you out with the essentials, it still leaves those large expensive items that perhaps you would rather purchase yourself.

At first, you may have to come to terms with the fact that you can’t afford to purchase high fashion or expensive furniture new from the store. However, there are ways in which you can purchase good quality items at a fraction of the price, which you can then tailor to your tastes and unique style.

#1 Sourcing your furniture

Scouring yard sales or thrift stores are among the many ways you could get the type of item that you’re looking for, although it may be an outdated version or the wrong color for your taste. However, people who are selling their goods in their front yard are likely to want a minimum price for it and thrift stores don’t accept worn-out, unfit furniture so there’s a good chance that you’ll be purchasing good-quality items. But do have a good look at what you’re buying before parting with your money.

There are also websites such as eBay where you could find a bargain that’s either second hand, a factory second, or an end-of-line or batch-end that could suit your style better.

#2 Taking delivery

You may find that you’ll have to take charge of the collection and delivery of your new-found bargain. If it’s a large item, you’ll need more than a car to collect it without causing any damage. Hiring the services of a man with a van could be the perfect step for you, though make sure you use someone who has experience with moving large items and is able to deliver them safely to your door.

Businesses, such as Shiply, deal with various experienced delivery drivers who have a large range of different-sized vehicles. This means that you’ll be able to select the person who is most suitable to transport your items.

#3 Adapting the design

When you are purchasing second-hand furniture don’t be afraid to change the way it looks or its design. Molding two different items together could get you a piece that suits your requirements down to the ground and as it’s unlikely that you have paid much for either of them, this could save you money rather than buying the real thing straight off.

For instance, bedside lockers mounted on top of each other (even with one upside down and any drawers reversed) could provide you with a slim, tall unit perfect for a tight space in a bathroom or entrance hall.

#4 Changing the color

Indeed, you can also change the color of your items. Furniture can be painted, papered, or even stripped back to the wood and varnished, waxed, or oiled to bring out the grain. Couches and chairs can either be reupholstered, hidden with throws, or you can now buy fabric paints so that you can change the look quickly without the hassle of using fabric dyes.

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