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Furnishing your first-time home to your unique style with minimum outlay

It’s likely that when you move into your first home, you’ll be somewhat short on furnishing funds. Although many of your friends and family members may have helped you out with the essentials, it still leaves those large expensive items that perhaps you would rather purchase yourself.

At first, you may have to come to terms with the fact that you can’t afford to purchase high fashion or expensive furniture new from the store. However, there are ways in which you can purchase good quality items at a fraction of the price, which you can then tailor to your tastes and unique style.

How to Plan Your Destination Wedding

A destination wedding has a lot of advantages. You can almost guarantee the weather, exchange nuptials with a stunning backdrop and you do not have to go far to enjoy the honeymoon of your dreams afterward. It is no wonder so many betrothed couples opt for a destination wedding. If you have your heart set on a destination wedding, here is a guide to planning it.

Choose Your Destination

It may sound obvious, but it is not as easy as you think. There is an entire world out there with stunning beaches, brooding castles, or a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Narrowing your options could be the trickiest part.

You should consider the season you want to get married in. Some countries make you think of hot sunshine and shimmering seas, but the reality could be quite different if you turn up in the middle of hurricane or monsoon season.

Best Laptops for Acing Your Exams

A laptop is an essential tool for many individuals. Despite the resurgence of in-person courses and lectures, this is especially true if you are in full-time study. A laptop can do it all, whether you’re writing an essay, prepping for an exam, or communicating with professors and classmates. However, the abundance of options available makes deciding on a gadget challenging. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that will suit every student; what someone needs from a laptop is heavily dependent on what they are studying and how they want to spend their leisure time.

Huawei MateBook 14s

Huawei has long been known as a mobile manufacturer but its laptop lineup is a secret trick up its sleeve. The MateBook offers a healthy balance between price and performance to keep your class notes going along with a steady supply of battery. There’s an 11th generation Intel chip embedded into the machine which helps it power through your day with the latest and greatest. On the display side, you get a snazzy 14-inch screen with superb pixel density. Resulting in snappy refresh rates of up to 90 kHz and a cinema experience that is a pleasure to watch every time. Huawei has generously thrown in plenty of ports too with a full-sized HDMI and SD card which offers lots of functionality. Leave it to the MateBook to ensure you get your degree over and done with in style.

Travel to Hanoi – Some Essential Information for Making a Great Trip

Planning a trip to Vietnam either starts from Hanoi or ends there. Hanoi, the capital of the colonial Indo-Chinese country Vietnam, has undergone massive changes since yesteryears and the country but the city have adapted well to the alterations. Vietnam had been crushed to bits and pieces in the Vietnam War, but the country rose up from its own ashes like the Phoenix and today it is one of the leading tourist destinations in the Asian continent. There is a unique charm about Hanoi, which is difficult to ignore. The best thing about the city is that inspite of the changes taking place; the city has been able to maintain its original personality.

Coorg – a beautiful place in Western Ghats with coffee estates spreading across miles

Filled with undiluted natural allures and vast coffee estates and orange farms, Coorg is one ideal place to visit during holiday. It is perfect for spending a relaxing vacation in the lap of nature. Visit the place to explore it for real and pick from the best hotels in Coorg.

Coorg, or Kodagu as it is often called, is a district in the state of Karnataka. Before being a part of Karnataka, it was an independent state for a brief time period (1950-1956). The place was originally called Kodavu based on the reference of the earliest inhabitants who were called Kodavas. They were agriculturalists and warriors who headed their own chieftains. Even today agriculture remains one of the key sources of revenue with majority of the population dependent on farming and cultivation. The district has a small population; the least populous amongst the entire 30 districts in Karnataka state. Rice and Coffee are the most grown crops of the place. Since the place produces large quantities of coffee, it is for this fact the place is also just often called the “coffee bowl of India”. The coffee grown here is particularly famous for the clean beans, blue color, and the fine drinking quality. Most of the cultivation areas of the place are capped with miles long estates of coffee. Apart from coffee, the other major corps of the place are orange, pepper, paddy, and cardamom.

Bageshwar – the hill town of Lord Shiva and a popular tourist destination in Uttarakhand

Bageshwar is a small town located on the conflux of Gomti and Saryu rivers in the state of Uttarakhand. It is a religious place home to several temples with majority of them dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is considered to be the land of the lord himself. Visit the quaint town for a relaxing vacation and pick from the best hotels in Bageshwar.

Nestled in the everlasting hillocks of the great Himalayan Range Bageshwar is a small town where nature blossoms to its fullest, gusting white water rambles down through the lush green jungle, and the snow capped peaks overlook the beautiful valleys below. It is a renowned trekking destination in north India as it houses a bunch of good trekking trails that certainly are fun. It is a town and headquarter of the district that shares the same name that is Bageshwar in the state of Uttarakhand. It is an old town where religion is the foremost attribute. A large number of temples dot the region, most of which are devoted to Lord Shiva and his consort.

What makes Mozambique such a great travel destination?

Discovered by Vasco Da Gama back in 1498, Mozambique has over the past decade managed to make a name for itself as one of the world’s top tourist destinations for a number of reasons. With a turbulent history marked by political and social struggles, the African country is a true hotpot of cultural identities and one of the finest tropical destinations for lovers of aquatic fun, powdery beaches and azure ocean waters. Before you start packing your bags, take a quick look at the brief overview of Mozambique’s history, climate, natural attractions and leisure activities: we guarantee you will love every minute spent in this exotic country.

History of Mozambique

In the early 16th century, the Portuguese managed to establish a foothold in Mozambique in terms of administration and trade by creating of prazos (land grants). Although the colonizers saw a gradual expansion of influence in the next few decades, pushing back Muslim Arab slave traders in the coastline areas, the situation began to change toward the end of the 17th century when the Arabs seized Fort Jesus, Mombasa Island.

From that point onwards, the Portuguese slowly shifted administrative powers to major private companies, but the ten-year War of Independence which began in 1964 eventually led to mass Portuguese immigration, declaration of Mozambique independence in 1975 and introduction of one-party system founded on Marxist principles. Nevertheless, the peace was short-lived: two years upon the ending of war for liberation, a civil war ripped the country apart, ultimately resulting in millions of refugees, replacement of Marxist ideologies with capitalism and election of democratic government. In 1995, Mozambique became the first non-British former colony to join the Commonwealth of Nations, and its economy has since been steadily recovering through development of industry and tourism.

Top Destination Wedding Locations

For many engaged couples it is easy to get captivated by the allure of tying the knot overseas. Exotic locations and unbeatable experiences that suit your personal tastes will make for a perfect special day. However when it comes time to select a location it is best to remember that as well as choosing where you will marry, you are also choosing where your guests will vacation next. This means that you need to select a location that has mass appeal in order to attract your guests to make the journey. To help you decide we’ve compiled our list of some of the world’s finest destination wedding locations detailing exactly what sets them apart.

Made up of several plentiful islands each with their own unique features and feel couples are guaranteed to find their ideal seaside setting in Hawaii. For couples seeking a more private and secluded affair it is best to head for the Big Island or Maui which are known for having fewer crowds. The Hawaiian Islands boast picturesque landscapes of pristine coastlines, stunning waterfalls and rugged terrain including mountains and volcanoes. Couples will enjoy the diversity on offer and will be particularly fond of the luxury hotels and resorts that provide the perfect escape. Friendly locals and a colourful culture only add to the appeal of Hawaii and with a range of activities to suit all tastes your guests will too love the appeal of a Hawaiian wedding.

4 Epic National Parks In America For Mountain Bike Enthusiasts

When mountain biking was in its infancy enthusiasts had to search high and low for tracks to satisfy
their cravings, but due to a boom in popularity there is now no shortage of tracks, trails and terrain
available to try in America. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional, prefer high jumps to windy tracks or prefer solace to well-trodden paths America is vast enough to cater for all, you just have to know where to look.

Well-trodden Trails

Rocky Mountains

The trails at Rocky Mountains national park are great for beginners as guided bike tours are available with many experienced instructors on-hand. There’s no off road biking permitted in the park, so experienced cyclists must keep to the designated paths. Be minded that most of the trails here include an incline or several, but if you don’t mind putting in the extra effort it’s certainly worthwhile for the spectacular views from atop the various peaks. Permits cost $10 per week, per bike.

When can Travellers Catch New York’s Most Famous Celebrations

The most famous of all events in New York is New Year, when travellers to New York can experience some of the most stunning fireworks in the world and it seems like literally everyone is out celebrating until the morning. To do New Year properly the outdoor party in New York has got to be experienced at least once in a lifetime.

Winter delights

In January those who travel to New York can catch the Three Kings Day parade, one of hundreds of parades happening in New York through the year, because New Yorkers just love to show off, and certainly do it in style. Chinatown is the venue for the Chinese New Year parade plus festival.

If you are a fan of films, don’t miss the International Children’s Film Festival in February, and if pooches are your thing, the Westminster Dog Show is sure to be an event to remember.