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Tag: New York

When can Travellers Catch New York’s Most Famous Celebrations

The most famous of all events in New York is New Year, when travellers to New York can experience some of the most stunning fireworks in the world and it seems like literally everyone is out celebrating until the morning. To do New Year properly the outdoor party in New York has got to be experienced at least once in a lifetime.

Winter delights

In January those who travel to New York can catch the Three Kings Day parade, one of hundreds of parades happening in New York through the year, because New Yorkers just love to show off, and certainly do it in style. Chinatown is the venue for the Chinese New Year parade plus festival.

If you are a fan of films, don’t miss the International Children’s Film Festival in February, and if pooches are your thing, the Westminster Dog Show is sure to be an event to remember.