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4 Epic National Parks In America For Mountain Bike Enthusiasts

When mountain biking was in its infancy enthusiasts had to search high and low for tracks to satisfy
their cravings, but due to a boom in popularity there is now no shortage of tracks, trails and terrain
available to try in America. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional, prefer high jumps to windy tracks or prefer solace to well-trodden paths America is vast enough to cater for all, you just have to know where to look.

Well-trodden Trails

Rocky Mountains

The trails at Rocky Mountains national park are great for beginners as guided bike tours are available with many experienced instructors on-hand. There’s no off road biking permitted in the park, so experienced cyclists must keep to the designated paths. Be minded that most of the trails here include an incline or several, but if you don’t mind putting in the extra effort it’s certainly worthwhile for the spectacular views from atop the various peaks. Permits cost $10 per week, per bike.

Big South Fork

At Big South Fork national park there are several mountain bike trails to try each with varying
length and difficulty rating, all built and maintained by the Mountain Bike Club at Big Fork. These
are also quite hilly but not much in the way of downhill speed runs so again, make quite the perfect
introduction for a novice. Trail maps are available at the park and the national parks website has a
fantastic section on mountain biking in this park.

Bryce Canyon

One of the stops on Audley’s renowned American national parks tours, Bryce Canyon is an
altogether different kind of park with incredible scenery, and although you can’t actually ride in
Bryce Canyon, you can in neighbouring Red Canyon, and it’s a pretty epic experience. Red Canyon
covers an area of 41, 431 acres of cycling trails which mirror Bryce Canyon, from scenic trails to dusty downhill paths there’s something for everyone.

Little-known Sweet-spots

Sandy Ridge Trails

Just outside of Portland Oregon is a seven mile trail you don’t want to miss. It starts with an ominous four mile road climb but bear with this one, as the downhill series of hip jumps, table tops and rock drops. This one’s for those who love to let go of the brakes.

Copper Harbour

A lesser known trail near Lake Superior is not easy to access, but it’s worth the trouble. Trails like
Woopity – Woo-a 2.7 miler – swoop and weave between the trees via boardwalk style trails for most
of the way. Some of the boardwalk trails almost look like bobsleigh tracks, or perhaps even a roller
coaster, as the weave in, out and around the terrain.

America is huge, and with a country this big it seems almost cruel to only give a snippet of the
mountain bike opportunities available. For more information on these types of trip, Audley Travel is
a great source to look for organised excursions to many of the national parks where biking in some
form or other is enjoyed.

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