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Top 5 Croatian Islands For Unforgettable Holidays

Croatia’s coast is dotted with a multitude of magnificent islands. While there is an enormous variety in the size of these islands, some are buzzing resorts, some host historic towns, and some are deserted. The stunningly beautiful islands tend to get crowded during peak season; however, late August and September are also a perfect time to enjoy the warm waters, ancient towns, vine-covered hills and fantastic food.


This small island is a true connoisseur of Mediterranean getaways. Susak is located off the coast of Losinj, and the island is largely made up of sand and boasts superb sandy beaches. The crumbly, ochre-colored cliffs are covered in ferns, wild fennel and soaring bamboo-like grasses. The island is crisscrossed by footpaths, which makes it easy to explore.

Susak Island is farther away from the Croatian mainland and therefore has retained many of its original traditions, such as archaic dialect and folk costumes that are unique to this little island. The island has a long tradition in growing vines and Susak wines are one among the best in Croatia. The island is home to the annual Air and Kite Festival. It is connected with the mainland through regular ferry services running from Losinj, Cres and Rijeka.

All You Need to Know About Crete

Greece’s islands often get a bad rep and are considered more of a destination for boozed-up teens than a relaxing holiday haven or foodie paradise. One side that often gets overlooked when we’re flicking through photos of the blue hues of the sea, the resorts and beaches is that Crete has a long history of myths and legends – tales of which make travel to Crete a much more interesting experience.

The Legends: According to legends, Crete was the home of the monstrous Minotaur, who lived confined in King Minos’ labyrinth. As the story goes, he was eventually killed by brave Prince Theseus of Athens to prevent him from eating 7 Athenian girls and 7 Athenian boys. The legacy of King Minos’ dynasty (the oldest known civilization in the whole of Europe) lives on in the island’s magnificent palatial buildings, including, of course, the palace at Knossos. With its use of luxury materials and its grandiose size, it is a monumental symbol of the Minoan civilization. (It’s 150,000 square feet (14,000 square meters) in total!) According to legends, Crete is also the birthplace of the mighty Zeus, who was hidden in a cave by his mother Rhea so his father (Cronus) could not find him and kill him.

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8 Best Water Parks in the UK

Even though the weather in the UK is quite cool and cloudy, the people here still love their water parks. The country is home to some amazing water parks packed with thrilling slides and rides. So, if you are going to the UK, make sure to pack your swimming goggles and trunks because here are the 8 best waterparks in the UK that you should check out.